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You are like a rocket with potential to reach immense heights. The deepest passion is just a matchstick which puts you on fire.

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I would give much credit to my work present on Social Networking sites to Dr Amit Nagpal, who has patiently and enthusiastically coached me opening up all new ventures of personal branding for me. Thanks to him, as of now, I’m having and monitoring my websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts and sharing my work efficiently, without much knowledge in this area.

- Dr Sonica Krishan, Speaker, Presenter, Author of Herboveda Remedies
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Awaken Your Powers & Inner GreatnessJuly, 27 2013

Are you Looking For?

How Can I Support Your Journey?

Who am I?

A Life of

  • Deepest Passion
  • Joy
  • Mega Success

By developing a Personal Brand

We often have two choices in life viz:- Travel in a tunnel which has light but is getting darker everyday (the rat race)
Travel in a tunnel which is dark but light is increasing everyday (life of passion)
The Life is Yours. The Choice is Yours. :-)

If you have taken charge of your life, I can provide the tools, guidance and motivation

Consultant /coach who can help you with

  • Discovering your deepest passion
  • Social media skills for personal branding
  • Brand management skills to develop online reputation
  • Mastering your Mind to gather and retain the courage and  passion

Helping you initiate the journey by discovering deepest passion
Helping you reach the destination by building a personal brand